Baiba Kranāte

My name is Baiba Kranāte,  and Im on a journey of self discovery, The Source, the world around & within us. This is also what I teach & empower people in my classes- to find their own unique road to wisdom. I consider this is the main purpose of being here during these special times - the NEW PARADIGM arising on our beautiful planet Earth...I believe and work with multi-dimensional aspects of ourselves. BAIBA LIFE ART, classes and approach #conversation with your body  is synthesized way of all my accrued knowledge within this area during several decades of practice -my personal and being a teacher. Our multi-dimensional structure - dense and subttle bodies is a whole Universe within a bigger Universe. Which is certainly one of a much bigger Universe…

I am THE BRIDGE -some solid background has given me tools to unite and introduce different cultures each with anothe. I graduated from St.- Petersbourg Academy of Theatre, Music and Cinema as an actress, working on the stage and cinema, - as well as being a TV , radio host and producer.  That have created "a tool" -some reputation and possibility to influence bigger audience to deliver the message. I have released a solo music album. -my soul's expression in a form of songs.

I have always been curious to understand what is  Universe, humankind and what are the reasons for “being here”. I ve been looking always for the answer in the metaphysics. By meeting my first yoga teacher I understood; yes, here I can find the answers for many things.... Over the course of years I have practiced and discovered many styles of yoga and other spiritual practices that has inspired me, have been blessed to know many big masters from different traditions, travel and meet many people and places of our beautiful planet.
I have hosted workshops for family doctors in the 10 biggest cities of Latvia during 2010 -2012- together with vertebra and pain specialists: my part in creating the New Era medicine. I love to travel, write, make videos about this and really feel myself as a citizen of one big common planet -EARTH or GAIA. My passion is meeting my soulfamily from different countries which happens more often lately and co-create that level! Lets meet! - for classes, skype sessions or guest workshops or for cup of coffee in my beautiful country or in yours!

One unforgetful meeting from many DEVA PREMAL

Conversation with Celia Fenn about New Earth



Baiba Life Art

Let me describe a little bit background of BAIBA LIFE ART. I am kinda storyteller, but will try to be short about this looong path. Since I combine in my group classes and individual sessions everything I know, feel, sense useful for the moment/ person/ group, it is far more than one could call yoga. Its essence -sure, is building up yoga. Unity. Feeling of deep union with everything and every possible way, not only during practice on the mat.

2019 I became ready to call it Baiba Life Art. Before that I ve spent several years on developing project Yoga Life Art -union for 21 century people with videos, talks, articles, travel blogs in 3 languages I speak. Staying humble and grateful for the info I ve received from lightmasters, goddesses, ascended masters and other divine beings on subttle planes, from many embodied masters on Earth I am ready to call “all this” Baiba Life Art. Baiba is my real name -the most traditional in Latvia. Since I work on collective level ( and I mean it many ways), I represent also my country Latvia to other countries/ foreigners. And I encourage all other guite shy Latvians to step into the power of their names. Yes, we are here to learn live our Godhood and embody Heaven on Earth: for that we use our human tools -bodies and its senses, names and personalities.

I am certified Time Line Healing Meditation healer. Use my knowledge about archetypes, astrology ( its evolutionary branch), aurasoma, essential oils and many other ( more than 10) healing modalities.

My moto is: 'The most valuable and at the same time most difficult practice is "our daily life!"

Im a Mystic Woman. Mystic. And Woman. This is what is all about.

Member of The New Paradigm Astrology

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